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King Of Miami Lebron Swag Stocking (Plushy White Velvet)

$12.99 - On Sale

Of course we have more Swag Stocking options with one of the hottest shoes this last year. Especially goes great with our King of Miami Elites (Also on sale for the holidays.) Use this to tease the giftee, and on Christmas eve, Slap our Swag Socks or Sick Shirts in them and BAMMMMMM, thats just became coolest holiday gift.
Towards the top of the stocking we put our site address but we can change that to ANY NAME you'd like.
This will be loved by any Lebron or heat fan for years to come.The top is the real south beach backround. Same design as our socks but we added the Lebron 9's. Definately a great conversation piece from a champion.
Just don't be that person giving out the same gift with a (Yawning) BORRRRRRING Packaging. Time to upgrade. We will STOP ACCEPTING ORDERS that we don't think will arrive by Dec25th(Out of respect ), so hurry cause this is ONLY while supplies last.
No refunds on Holiday products. It will look great hung up for the Christmas season.

Sold Out