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NEW G34 Custom Elite Socks (Side Team logo Coverage)


This option is for a side logo either right under the NIKE check or in the front part of the sock
100% Authentic Nike Elite socks customized with your school team, basketball squad or idea for a logo. Leave instructions for us at check out, so we know what you'd like or a concept of what your vision is. I would suggest not too much detail because can be small
and hard to read especially on the socks when worn on. If you get a
chance go to our (
) to see examples of what we've done and we can get this going for you.
THESE ARE NOT DYED IN A BUCKET. This is especially good for High School & A.A.U. teams. We have done many schools and squads of ALL Sports.
This is not full coverage on the top part of the sock. It's just a classy a sidetag with your logo or graphic to make it original and fresh.
THIS IS NOT NIKE I.D. WE CAN'T SHOW YOU THE actual SOCK BEFORE YOU PAY. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS. AFTER we confirm you paid for your socks, we contact you via email and get your instructions on what graphic you want on the side or the front of the sock. We confirm artwork with you prior to printing the socks.
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON OUR CUSTOM SOCKS. Our graphic team works hard to specialize your socks. We aren't gonna work hard to make your sock custom then have you approve it ONLY to have you change you mind later. Unfortunately it's happened that why we gotta' mention it
Socks will not be printed on the bottom, to preserve the integrity of the "Elite" features. I mean come on, isn't that the main reason you bought it for anyway. Comfort RIGHT.

Here's examples and templates of what we email you to approve, AFTER you purchase but BEFORE we PRINT on the elites. Got it, Good. Let's make your idea come true.