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Pinoy Pride Galaxy Nike elite sock


If you've read our blog or follow us on instagram and facebook then you'd know that we are so against doing socks that everybody seems to be doing. We have literally have turned down hundereds of requests to do galaxy socks, seriously. We just want to be different.
On that note, we got so many friends that are Filipino that when a close member of the G34 Army Family asked for a Pinoy version of the galaxies, we had to make it happen. She also requested that we put it on the site to let the southern cali Philipino community know that they have elites socks to represent.
We've done multiple flag socks since last year. Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti (Sak Pase), Japan, Texas, Florida,...etc. You get the drift. So if your interested just email us your request, if your serious about purchasing. We stop making the california ones because....... the're too many out their doing the same.
BTW,You should already know we don't print on the bottom here at Greatess34. Enjoy.