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ASAP Cocky Crew neck (Inspired by ASAP Rocky's NEW CD, GO GET IT)


Inspired with the swag that spills from ASAP Rocky's music we wanted you to"BANG" his new CD with this ridiculously bossed up crewneck sweatshirt.
This isn't your average fangear. It's embellished with metallic gold foil to stop conversations and get envious stares as you walk by. The ASAP crew lead member is represent by our version of the squirrel from Rock and Bullwinkle, iced out with gold teeth,rings, watch and chain. Don't purchase this unless your ready to get asked "Hey you know that G34 ASAP crewneck you got , can I borrow it" . We highly suggest you say NO if you want it back.
It comes with special care instructions to maintain it's freshness. If you show proof you copped his CD this week (either a pic or Itunes receipt) we'll refund you $10 cash back because want to see his new CD "Long Live ASAP" do well.

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