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Durantula 2 (The calm before the rage) introductory price


We hesitated on doing this sock until a few months ago when someone offered us a ridiculous amount if we hide the design untill after Christmas so they can claim exclusivity for a few months. We both agreed that we can then, UNLEASH this beast on our fans.
What the KD! You ask?, Well There you go, Showing Durant himself chillin' before he goes to work and turns his rage to buckets. We had to tag the pic a little because we noticed an influx of people using out pics on the Internet and saying they make them. UNLIKE OTHER SITES THAT SELL THE SAME OL' DESIGN and say its only from them, We mean it . It's only from G34 and our cast of Mixtape style graphic crew. PLEASE STOP BITING, Some of you look thirsty like my man Kendrick says.
As usual the bottom footing area is kept mostly intact to assure you get that comfortable padding that NIKE intended on you having, Any questions please feel free to email us. DON'T NOT ASK for BULK Sales because we are NOT in the business of dumping massive amount of socks to the public. Our socks remain rare and are priced keep you feeling good that everybody won't have them on.
We will release only a few Orange and Royal blue stripes till they sell out.This is our usual introductory price, after we sell a certain amount we will raise it to match our other swg sox. We want to reward the G34 Army heads and fans that are early shoppers. Thank you for looking at our art.